crockery rental singapore
  1. Affordable crockery rental

    From private residential events (baby showers, birthday parties, home catering, gatherings) to commercial events (seminars and conferences) , we can provide you with all the crockery you need at an affordable rate with great service. Highly customizable plans for your event needs.

  2. How is shinpuru different from the rest?

    Most companies are renting porcelain crockery which is heavier and more prone to damages, but Shinpuru uses (A8) Melamine crockery. It has an exquisite aesthetic comparable to porcelain while retaining the durability of Melamine ware, having the best of both worlds! 

    Our dish washing machines would use high temperature water for sanitizing purposes, thus you do not have to worry and use all crockery at once upon delivery.

    We provide one-stop sustainable catering solutions due to our strong partnerships with various event management and catering companies. We also have rich experience renting for large eco-festivals and green events.

  3. why rent instead of using disposable crockery?

  • Aesthetics and convenience

    Disposable crockery are less convenient for eating due to the flimsiness and breakable utensils especially when consuming tougher texture food. On the other hand, actual crockery and utensils will look much nicer and more classy when held in comparison.

  • Doing your part for the environment

    Most caterers are using biodegradable CornWare disposables as part of their buffet packages, which allows many customers to be assured and having no qualms about using excessively.

    However, reports have shown that the product actually consists of a small percentage of plastic which will still result in a significant figure, when collated from the tonnes of CornWare disposables being thrown away annually.

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