TO The journey of Shinpuru


Step 1: order confirmation 

Details include: 1 ) Type and quantity of crockery needed

                           2) Event date, time and location

STEP 2: Packing process

The crockery will be packed professionally with utmost care into tubs. 


Step 3: Stacked and ready to go

For easy mobility when at the event, the tubs would all be loaded onto trolleys before being sent over to the location.  




Step 4: Collection of dishes

After the event has ended, all the dirty crockery are to be put back into the tubs, which will then be collected and washed back at our factory. 


Step 5: Cleaned and ready for your next order!

After washing, the crockery would all be dried and packed into tubs to be kept in storage awaiting for your subsequent orders


*Plates have been used to illustrate the entire process. Shinpuru also cleans cutlery, crockery and utensils. 

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